The eco ensemble is a group of experienced, highly-skilled Bay Area musicians dedicated to performing new music from established and emerging composers. Its mission is to enrich and serve the Bay Area’s cultural life through the creation, performance and dissemination of new music by composers from Berkeley and around the world.


What does "eco" stand for?
Like other art forms, new music doesn’t exist in a vacuum — it is part of the fabric that makes up our cultural landscape. The San Francisco Bay Area generally (and Berkeley in particular) plays an essential role in the Eco Ensemble’s formation: our musicians, composers, media and audience are all part of the region’s vibrant cultural scene. We are both influenced by — and exert influence on — the artistic ecology within which we exist. The name Eco acknowledges this ecology and locates our work as part of the Bay Area’s abundant cultural community.



Artistic Advisory Committee:
Edmund Campion
David Milnes
Matias Tarnopolsky

Cindy Cox

Franck Bedrossian


Richard Andrews, Executive Director
Robert Yamasato, Scheduling and Production Coordinator
Matthew Schumaker and Sivan Eldar, Program Development Coordinators